Break On Through

Series: Mafia Kingdom #3
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My only goal in life is to play the cello in a world-famous orchestra. Unfortunately, education, lessons, and connections don’t come cheap.
So, when the most notorious Mafia boss in New York City offers me millions to marry one of his men, I have two choices: take the money and follow my dreams, or risk death.
I choose to take the money.
But if I had known who my husband would be, I would have picked death.
Leo might be gorgeous and lethal, but he has never met a woman who refuses to bow.
After being pushed out of my country, I lost my woman, my business, and my life.
The streets of New York City are dangerous but nothing compared to the wrath growing within me.
Joining the Mafia is a natural progression, especially when they help quench my thirst for revenge.
When the boss offers me a marriage that will help me reach vengeance, I jump at the chance.
I figure she’ll be a sweet, quiet girl …
Not the stuck-up musician from the club.
She thinks she can always get the last word, but I’m on a warpath that she can’t derail.
She can either fall in line or fall into pieces.

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Date Published: October 29, 2021
Genre: Arranged Marriage, Contemporary Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Mafia Romance
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