The Broody Brit

In the blink of an eye everything can change.

I had it all,

An Ivy league education,

An amazing job in New York City,

And a rich and powerful fiancé.

Yeah, that's all gone.

Now, I am back in Holiday Springs,

Regaining my composure and independence,

Before I slip on my sexy stilettos,

And reclaim what's mine in New York City

But one rugged and BROODY BRIT,

With an adorable little son,

May change all of my dreams. 


The Irresistible Irishman

Minding my own business on St. Patrick's Day —with a beer in my hand and Shamrock panties beneath my skirt— I sat on a sticky barstool next to my best friend.

I was expecting to chat about my latest read, but she had other plans...

A "surprise" introduction to a tall, tatted, and utterly irresistible Irishman.

One night stands were totally not me, like, not at all, until she reminded me that it was time to stop spreading pages and begin spreading... yeah, she went there.

And guess what? I took her advice.

One crazy and wild night later, my libido was officially jumpstarted.

Since then, everything has changed for the better- or so I thought.

I had a great new job and my own cozy apartment.

What I didn't expect?

That same irresistible Irishman to become my new boss.


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