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Hi Guys!

May 1 is coming on the quick and I’m both excited and nervous for Rising (Vincent and Eve Book one) to be published! I was lucky enough to have some fantastic reviews come in from some amazing bloggers, ahem, Angie’s Dreamy Reads, which in itself is a huge success. I feel so THANKFUL! At the same time, I’m wondering if I’m dreaming it or worse, if these incredible reviews  are simply flukes! Against the advice of basically everyone, I’m checking Goodreads like a lunatic! LOL

My husband keeps telling me that I should be thrilled over how things are going so far. But let me just say that it’s downright frightening to not only have your dreams in print but then to share those dreams for the world to see. Regardless, Rising is one of the biggest prides in my life and publishing my work is truly a dream come true. Yes, I’m scared. But would I instead rather hide my work away? Nope!

May 1, I’m coming for you!

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6 years ago

I just devoured this book in one day and now im dying for book 2! Any release date for book 2!?

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