Vincent and Eve coming soon!

I’m so freaking excited that this website is live and that my book, Vincent and Eve, will be published within the next 6 or so months. Lots of my friends have asked me, what the hell happened? How did I find the time between work and kids to write a freaking book? Well, let’s talk about that for a moment!

My whole life I’ve been a reader and a writer. I went to Lehigh University for college where I minored in Creative Writing and French, and majored in Philosophy. A few months prior to graduation, I got the talk from my parents that went something like this: Jessica, what the hell are you going to do with your degree? You haven’t learned anything! You need to make money!

I decided to go ahead and take my LSAT, figuring, why not? Well, it turned out I did pretty dang well and so I applied for Law School and ended up at Cardozo School of Law. Three years passed in a blur of studying and before I knew it, I was sitting behind a desk at a large law firm in Manhattan, working all hours and living in utter hell. The law sucks, lets get real, but it fell into my lap and pays the bills.

Now, reading was never something I never stopped. I’ve always read a few books a week, and I always played around with words. But after reading a string of shitty books I woke up one morning and said, enough is enough! I want this. I want this badly. And so I’m gonna do it! My mornings and nights turned into writing sessions and a beautiful love story was born.

Prior to sending it out to an editor, I had people beta read and I was floored by how much people loved my characters! They said they cried. They told me they were obsessed. They asked when my second will come out. And these people aren’t friends! In fact, I paid them to read my book and give me honest-to-God feedback. So their love of my characters gave me the strength to move forward on this journey.

Anyhow, here I am. Trying to make my dream into reality. If you’re reading this, thank you. I’ll fill you in when I get a better time frame of when the book is available.

I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine now while I pray that everything works out!

Love Always,


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